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Explosion at Mogadishu hotel no casualties

1 of 1 Explosion at Mogadishu hotel no casualties
449 Views Date March 15th, 2014 time 4:39 pm

Huge explosion followed by sporadic gunfire hit Maka Al-Muakarama hotel in Mogadishu.

It is not immediately clear the main target of the attack however there was an event in the hotel in which a local Radio station by the name Mustaqbal Radio was marking its second anniversary since its inception two years ago.

According to senior advisor to Somali president Engineer Abdirahman Osman who was a chief guest of the event the explosion rocked the back gate of the hotel.

One person has been admitted to the hospital after went unconscious due to the heavy explosion

The hotel is popular with senior Somali government officials.

Source: Fubo