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Gov’t army and AU forces secure Warshikh town from al Shabab

1 of 1 Gov’t army and AU forces secure Warshikh town from al Shabab
380 Views Date March 17th, 2014 time 11:44 am

Somali government forces and the African Union forces on Sunday took the town of Warshikh from al Shabab fighters, making the seventh town liberated since the start of March, Dalsan radio reports.
The seizure of Warshikh, some 70km north of Mogadishu came without resistance, locals said.

The district commissioner Ahmed Ali said the liberation of Warshikh was very key for the lives if the people.

“Warshikh is a religious town as it has grwn hunderds of scholars in the ling history.” he added.

Al Shabab fighters who controlled this coastal town for more than five years vacated on Sunday morning before the joint forces reached the town.

The National Army of Somalia backed by the AMISOM forces just reclaimed seven key towns in Baay, Bakool, Gedo, Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle from Al Shabab since the joint operation commenced in early of March.

On his side, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Sunday congratulated the Somali National Army (SNA) and AMISOM leadership for liberating six towns from Al Shabaab, “the enemies of Islam”.

“I have personally congratulated SNA and AMISOM leaders for liberating six towns from Al Shabaab in the space of a few days. Make no mistake,” the president said as he was returning back from his six day trip to Japan.  “The enemy is on the run and running out of places to hide. We must keep pursuing them until they have no bases left in Somalia”.

Source: Fubo