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Galgadud farmers hopeful of higher crop production

1 of 1 Galgadud farmers hopeful of higher crop production
582 Views Date May 12th, 2014 time 8:39 pm

Somali farmers in many parts of Galgadud region including El-bur, Galharere, El-dher and Gal’ad have expressed high hopes over their crop production next season following the start of the much-awaited rains in the country.

Some of the farmers in the area who spoke to Media on Monday reported to have received enough rain falls to result the production of profitable crops next year.

The farmers however, mentioned that large fertile areas in the region are yet to receive rain.

Galgadud farmers are known for their production of essential crops such as maize, legumes and beans as well as watermelon.

Source: Fubo