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Clan militia fighting leaves 2 dead in Sool region

1 of 1 Clan militia fighting leaves 2 dead in Sool region
853 Views Date May 19th, 2014 time 2:43 pm

At least two people were killed and several others injured after two clan militias clashed on Sunday in Jidbale village, 60 KM north of Las Anod town, the provincial capital of Sool region.

Abdi Warsame Abdi, one of the locals in the area told Bredanews that there have not been any mediation efforts so far to ease the tensions between the two warring sides.

Abdi added that the fighting between the two clan militias is believed to be caused by a bitter family feud between the two sides.

He said that hundreds of families came to live in Jidbale village in recent times following severe shortages of food and water that engulfed in many parts of the region.

Source: Fubo