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Austerity protest swings Portugal vote

1 of 1 Austerity protest swings Portugal vote
583 Views Date May 27th, 2014 time 11:07 am

In Portugal, three years of painful austerity under a eurozone bailout contributed to a defeat for the governing right-of-centre coalition, but failed to hand the opposition Socialist Party a resounding victory of the kind it wanted.

There is 18 months to go before the next general election.

With 99.5% of votes counted – including those from all domestic polling stations – the Socialists had a 31.5% share, against 27.7% for the joint list of candidates put up by the centre-right Social Democrats and the People’s Party – an almost exact reversal of the result in 2009.

But with results from 15 of 71 consulates still to come in – and the ranks of voters abroad swelled by mass emigration – the final allocation of Portugal’s 21 European Parliament seats remains to be determined.

One major upset is confirmed – at least one seat will go to the MPT – Partido da Terra (Earth Party), founded in 1993 as a conservative ecological movement. Now it is known to voters above all thanks to its high-profile lead candidate, Antonio Marinho e Pinto. The party polled 7.2%.

Source: Fubo