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Night-time curfew imposed on Jowhar town, Middle Shabelle region

1 of 1 Night-time curfew imposed on Jowhar town, Middle Shabelle region
941 Views Date May 29th, 2014 time 1:14 pm

Security forces in Jowhar town, the provincial capital of Middle Shabelle region have last night imposed night-time curfew on some of the major neighborhoods in the town.

The curfew was not previously announced and reports say that Somali security forces were seen carrying out security operations and ordering people to remain indoors at Hawlwadag neighborhood in particular.

A security official in the area who spoke to Breda said that the curfew and the subsequent security operations were part of wider plans to strengthen and maintain the relative calm in the town.

Reports further add that at least 14 people have been arrested in the operations and are being held in Jowhar’s central police station.

The security operations and the night-time curfew are believed to be part of major security measures to curb recent criminal and insecurity activities in the town.

Source: Fubo