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Turkey to issue arrest warrant for al-Shabaab leaders

1 of 1 Turkey to issue arrest warrant for al-Shabaab leaders
746 Views Date June 2nd, 2014 time 12:18 pm

Ankara’s 6th Penal Court has ruled to issue an arrest warrant on five Somali al-Shabaab leaders as part of a probe into a suicide attack on the Turkish Embassy, which killed an embassy personnel in Mogadishu in July last year.

Ankara’s public prosecutor will also apply to INTERPOL to issue a red alert on the suspects after determining that the attack was held upon their leaders’ instructions.

On July 28, al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab militants staged a suicide attack on a Turkish Embassy annex, killing one Turkish guard and wounding three others.

The court ordered the arrest in absentia of Ahmed Abdi aw-Mohamed, the leader of the terrorist organization, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, the deputy leader, a senior commander Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, the spiritual leader Hassan Dahir Aweys and Hassan Abdullah Hersi al-Turki, another senior leader.

During the attack police officers who guarded the Turkish Embassy annex, housing Turkish diplomatic staff, managed to kill two assailants but a third attacker detonated a vehicle laden with explosives.

Source: World Bulletin

Source: Fubo