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Report cautions US citizens on rising insecurity in Kenya

1 of 1 Report cautions US citizens on rising insecurity in Kenya
835 Views Date June 9th, 2014 time 6:01 pm

A US advisory agency has cautioned American citizens about terrorism and crime in Kenya.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (Osac) in its latest  “Kenya 2014 Crime And Safety Report” circulated to the American business community rates crime and road safety as the greatest threats.

The report, dated last month, links local, regional and international terrorism threats in the country to the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Somalia in 2011 to fight Al-Shaabab insurgents.

Osac says attacks on various targets in Kenya including Westgate Shopping Mall on September 21, 2013 and Eastleigh explosions are revenge missions carried out by Al-Shaabab.

“In response to the Kenyan intervention, in Somalia, Al-Shaabab and its sympathisers have conducted retaliatory attacks against civilian and government targets in Kenya,” says the report.

Osac was founded in 1985 under the Federal Advisory Committee (Fac) to provide updates on security and cooperation for the benefit of US private sector and the State Department.


The report says the attacks which have taken place in Nairobi, the North Eastern region and Mombasa take the shape of shootings and use of grenades and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). It says more than 100 people have been killed and at least 200 injured.

Source: Daily Nation

Source: Fubo