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7 killed in clashes between Al Shabaab and IJA forces

1 of 1 7 killed in clashes between Al Shabaab and IJA forces
549 Views Date June 10th, 2014 time 11:45 am

At least seven people have been killed and another one injured on Monday night in clashes between Al Shabaab militia and Interim Jubba Administration forces in the outskirts of Kismayo, the headquarters of the interim administration.

Interim Jubba Administration forces backed by the African Union troops in Somalia clashed with Al Shabaab fighters at Via Afmadow Control according to bredanews correspondent in the area.

The casualties were from the two warring sides.

An official from Interim Jubba Administration forces stated that Al Shabaab fighters launched the attack, adding that his forces have killed at least five fighters from the militant group.

He further said that they will display the dead bodies of Al Shabaab militants killed in the attack shortly and admitted to have lost two soldiers in the clashes.

Source: Fubo