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Three people killed in Galgadud region

1 of 1 Three people killed in Galgadud region
842 Views Date June 13th, 2014 time 4:22 pm

Three people have been killed and others injured after armed militia ambushed a delegation returning from a recent meeting aimed at finding lasting solution to the inter-clan conflicts in Galgadud region.

Reports said that the delegation’s armed forces resisted the attack and killed one fighter from the militia. The incident occurred in Labi-Aw-Ali location which lies 10 north of Balanballe in Galgadud region.

Hareri Hassan Barre, federal government’s top official in Balanballe has confirmed the casualties to Bar-kulan and expressed concerns over the current situation in the region.

Barre urged locals to work with the government administration in achieving peace and stability.

At least 12 people have so far been killed and scores injured in inter-clan clashes between armed clan militias in rural areas near Guri-el and Balanballe in Galgadud region.

Source: Fubo