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Dhusamareb officials ban vehicles with tinted windows

1 of 1 Dhusamareb officials ban vehicles with tinted windows
639 Views Date July 11th, 2014 time 3:09 pm

Somalia’s local administration in Dhusamareb district of Galgadud region has banned the use of cars with tinted windows for security reasons according to the local officials.

Somali federal government’s security chief in Dhusamareb district, Mahad Khalif Roble told Bredanews that the decision to ban vehicles with tinted windows was meant to improve security in the area.
Dhusamareb police officials have been instructed to take strict measures against anyone who violates or ignores the new order.

Meanwhile, car owners have been urged to register their cars with the relevant authorities and obtain license saying failure to comply with new orders will result the seizure of unregistered cars.

Roble called on the residents to cooperate with security agencies in their attempts to improve the security of the town.

Source: Fubo