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Turkish company provides reach stacker to Mogadishu Port

1 of 1 Turkish company provides reach stacker to Mogadishu Port
674 Views Date August 4th, 2014 time 7:50 pm

A Turkish company has provided a modern reach stacker used for loading and unloading services as well as other equipment to Mogadishu Port authorities.

Mustafa Tafeynte, the head of Al-Beyrak, the company which provided the equipment to the port, said that the equipment is part of the support of Turkish government to Somalia.

Speaking moments after the Turkish company handed over the equipment to Mogadishu Port authorities, the manager of Mogadishu Port Abdullahi Ali Nuur said that the modern reach stacker will enable them to unload cargo from ships within 48 hours.

He added that the recently provided equipment will also enhance the quality of service at the port and thanked Al-Beyrak Company for its assistance.

Turkish government and companies have implemented various developmental projects to improve social services in Somalia since the outbreak of the devastating famine in 2011.

Source: Fubo