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Grace Mugabe is ‘queen of the land’

1 of 1 Grace Mugabe is ‘queen of the land’
969 Views Date September 11th, 2014 time 6:29 pm

Cape Town – Zimbabwean justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly told parliament that President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace is a queen who should be honoured by traditional leaders and opposition politicians.

According to NewZimbabwe.com, Mnangagwa said Grace was “the queen of the land”.

Mnangagwa said this while responding to a question by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Member of Parliament Nelson Chamisa who had asked whether traditional leaders had the right to meddle in party politics after they endorsed Grace’s entry into politics.

The Zimbabwe Mail quoted Mnangagwa as saying there was “nothing amiss” with the traditional leaders supporting her “because she is queen of every one of us”.

Grace’s multi-million dollar compound

Grace, 49, recently accepted a nomination to lead the ruling Zanu-PF party’s women league, a development which triggered suggestions that Mugabe aimed to establish a political dynasty.

Traditional chiefs and their wives on Tuesday gathered at Grace’s multi-million dollar compound in Mazowe to support her political ambitions.

But the MDC argued that by going to Grace’s property to show support for the proposed position in Zanu-PF leadership, the chiefs were being partisan, and therefore acting unconstitutionally.

A NewsDay report on Thursday said some traditional leaders claimed they were tricked into endorsing Grace’s new found career.

Factional fights

“We were told that we were going to see the First Lady’s projects. But when we arrived there, it turned out that the meeting had been organised to show solidarity over her appointment to be secretary of the Women’s League,” one of the chiefs was quoted as saying.

Grace’s entry into politics has added momentum to the intriguing factional fights in Zanu-PF.

File: AFP

Two factions, one allegedly led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and the other by Mnangagwa are embroiled in a bitter struggle to replace the 90-year-old Mugabe. The two, however, have rejected claims they are harbouring presidential ambitions.

The Mujuru faction is seen to be against Grace’s rise, has accused the Mnangagwa faction of supporting Grace’s rise as a choreographed move to neutralise Mujuru’s power base, said NewsDay.

Source: Fubo