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USAID promises to support Somalia tackle drought crisis

1 of 1 USAID promises to support Somalia tackle drought crisis
605 Views Date September 18th, 2014 time 2:26 pm

USAID Assistant Administrator for Africa, Earl Gast on Wednesday briefed reporters at US embassies in Kenya and Ghana in a telephonic press conference over the plans of the agency in the continent in the years ahead.
Answering a question put to him by Zakariye Abdulkadir Amarre, a reporter from Bar-kulan at the US Embassy in Nairobi over the USAID’s strategy towards the drought crisis in Somalia, Gast stated that officials from the agency visited Somalia last year for discussions with the president.
He said they discussed on ways to build the capacity of the government as well as increasing aid delivery to the communities in recently liberated areas in the country.
He added that they are mindful of the drought conditions in many parts of the country and promised that the agency will continue to support the people of Somalia during these difficult times
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funds various developmental projects in Somalia.
Listen below Earl Gast’s response on Somalia’s drought crisis.

Source: Fubo