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Dahir Alasow the best journalist of the Year 2015.

1 of 1 Dahir Alasow the best journalist of the Year 2015.
7453 Views Date June 13th, 2015 time 9:47 pm

Dahir Alasow surprisingly became the best journalist of the year (2015) of Somalia when it comes to investigative journalism and arts that he produced for the last ten years.

It is these skills that Somali Independent media learned before we had recognized his influential role that he plays in the Somali society.

Using his own Website, Waagacusub Media, Mr. Alasow has been speaking for the rights of the voiceless people and It is his researches and talent that he published thousands of articles following genuine investigations and exposed many hidden terrorism activities, corruption and injustice among the Somali Federal government, the terrorist groups of Alshabab and Alqaeda as well as their financial supporters.

He wrote many songs that highlight the best of the Somalia stories, love and many other subjects related to life. The likes of  (Go’aan) decision, (Baadigoob) search, (Hayaan) explorer etc. The names of his songs definitely represent the messages that they send to the Somali communities. 

“We said influential. You ask how, If you are in a cafe, a community gathering or a government office your ears will catch either his name Dahir Alasow or his web platform Waagacusub Media, a website that he founded and constantly updates with his investigative resources that he receives via many channels including government’s secret services” Said the Director of Qarninews Abdirahman Dhadhere

Therefore, we are glad to announce that we have recognized Dahir Alasow the Investigative Journalist of the year (2015), which means that he is the best journalist in Somalia for the year 2015.  

Awarded By 

National Union of Somali Journalists – NUSOJ

Somali Independent Media Houses Association – SIMHA

Somali Investigative Journalists – SOMIJ

Associated Somali Journalists -ASOJ

Somali Journalists in Netherlands -SOMJON

Somali Online Media Association – SOMA

Source: Fubo